The Senior Thesis project,

in which I concentrated on the idea of visual communication. I examined how people have communicated with one another via symbols through history, specifically looking into four reasons why such communication was needed.

The first still shows the main part of the interface, while the second and third ones capture the external window, in which more information regarding the speicific examples is stored, as well as a more detailed timeline for those examples.

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Branding. Sketch TV

is a network that focuses on the process of production that is involved with several design disciplines, and attempts to educate the public about such undertaking.

While designing the logo for the channel, I tried to create a purposely unfinished look, to underline the network's focus on the process of creating. The three images that follow the logo are a series of posters, designed to promote the network to the public.

Liverpool FC interface.

This project was all about figuring out different systems of organizing the same content, with the intent to find the way which maximizes the user's interaction. After much deliberation, I decided to let the user choose the organizational system for himself, giving him seven options.

The stills present the main page of the interface and an example of my content within one of the systems, while the two static images show content seen elsewhere.

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Narrative project,

where I explored multiple possiblities of visualizing the same story in different ways. While some elements made their way from one solution to another, each print piece also has something of it's own.

In addition to the final series of posters, there is a container with multiple early version of the project, as well as solutions which were completely finalized.

Karl Marx, Heinrich

was arguably one of the best thinkers in our history. He was monumental to the creation of communism, having written "The Communist Manifesto". The amount of work he has done throughout his life had inspired me to create a website; a visual dedication to the staggering amount of writing he did.

The stills show the only two pages of the website, where the color scheme is also inspired by Marx's social views. The third image is of the process book, created with the website.

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Geometric Futura

is the focal point of this project, which consists of two pieces that study and analyze the typeface. The smaller scale book was made first, in which an essay on the typeface is set with accordance to the Golden Rule. The book also contains my personal visual comparison between Futura and another typeface so strongly based on geometric shapes.

The second piece - large scale editorial - is an elaboration on the book, with more visual styling. Both pieces extensively use the three primary colors, inspiration for which was the very same palette used by the school of Bauhaus, in return strongly connected with Futura throughout their history.

Mixed Media Post Stamps

are the result of multiple sequential weeks spent studying the objects of our post stamp series.

The final product, being presented here as a rollover image, is a combination of several realized conceptual drawings and some minor digital touch ups. The coloring of the stamps speaks to me the most, as it is as festive as a great football game should be to the devoted fans.